Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Dental Chair

When we asked 100 patients about factors that influence their impression of a dental clinic, the quintessential dental chair ranked among the top 5 influences.

This chair can be one of the most distinct negative images that are associated with the dental profession. More often than not, it is associated with vulnerability and discomfort for patients. Fortunately for your practice, modern day chairs can be comfortable for both the patient as well as the dentist. Coupled with ergonomically designed dental stools and assembly of modern equipments, by selecting the correct chair, you can truly transform the perception of your practice among your patients.

Selecting the Right Chair

Just a few years ago, selecting an appropriate dental chair was hardly an effort. All you were expected to do was to choose perfect coloured dental stool and close your purchase.

• Putting Patients First

In today’s day and age, Dental Handpiece suppliers experts are much more conscious about what the market has to offer and how important it is to select the correct chair that comes with the right technologies built in to provide comfort, operatory ergonomics, efficiency and eventually profitability to the practice.

• Developing an Effective Practice Environment

As a practitioner, you must spend significant time towards the development of an effective practice environment. Your chair must complement the physical requirements of your patients and also meet all the clinical demands of your practice.

• Conducting Research

It is almost never possible for you to put a chair to test in a real life operating condition. It is thus, all the more important that you perform a detailed homework before you make your final purchase decision. There are a number of sources you can explore, but the most understated of them all is your own personal experience.

Take notes about the practicalities and benefits associated with the chair you are currently using. Combine this with what your secondary research tells you about the new trends in designs. By merging your parameters of an ideal chair for your practice, you will have a clearer idea on what it is that you are looking for.

• Finding the Balance between Design and Technology

While you are assessing the latest designs, make sure you also take into consideration the future needs with respect to equipment technology over the next 10 years. Continuous research in design for the quintessential dentistry chair and other supporting tools compels practitioners to acquire a slightly more visionary perspective towards their purchase decisions. The idea is to put off the obsolescence of your chair as long as you can.


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