Yoga Exercises For Golf Core Balance

Have you considered doing yoga exercises for golf core balance? Yoga is good for body awareness, flexibility, calming your mind, proper breathing, and gaining control of mental and focusing abilities.

I would highly recommend taking Spirituality yoga exercise classes from instructors who teach the traditional physical yoga. The newer forms of yoga have been altered and may not give you the desired results to improve your mind and body for a better game of golf.

The original and traditional yoga moves slowly with deliberate and conscious knowledge paying attention to what is being exercised.

Locate an instructor who plays and understands golf and combines yoga exercises for golf core balance which the golfer needs. In addition to traditional yoga, nutrition, and good health habits would be added benefits from your instructor.

Many of the yoga postures, traditional or changed, is not always necessary for the needs of the golfer. Standing on your head is one of those examples. More importantly standing on your head has nothing to do with hitting a golf ball.

Young or aging we need proper training to acquire a balance stance which will increase our stability and help us to play a perfect golf swing. The golf course is not always a flat surface. We need to be able to adjust our body to accommodate uneven grass, sand, or earth surfaces.

Balance exercises are essential in your fitness routine. It should be done a minimum of three times a week and as part of your warm up before playing a game.

Lack of balance:


  1. Results in falls which cause bone fractures and other serious injuries
  2. Bruised muscles
  3. General aches and pains in arms and knees
  4. Pulled hamstrings
  5. Lower back pains
  6. Lack of proper core alignment to swing the golf club


Nutritional needs:


  1. Water is needed to keep your body hydrated
  2. Wholesome snacks for physical and mental energy
  3. Eat a balanced meal before playing
  4. No alcohol consumption
  5. Develop good nutritional habits of an athlete


What is the most important lesson in yoga?

Breathing properly and correctly


  • Shallow breathing tightens the chest and causes tension and stress in the shoulders and neck area; deep breathing will correct this condition.
  • Will correct headaches and vision problems.
  • Allows flexibility in neck and shoulder area to allow for a better golf swing. Yoga helps with stretching and strengthening muscles which is the power behind hitting the ball along with core balance strength.
  • Is improved mental focus – Yoga teaches the discipline of focusing and to stay focused until the task is done.


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