Wrap it Up With a Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Holiday gift wrap fundraisers can be very successful, especially during Christmas. Everyone is busy, loaded with chores and it seems there is never enough time to wrap gifts. That’s where this fundraiser meets a need and raises money for a worthy cause at the same time.

Wrapping Gifts

  • The profit margin is good on this fundraiser but you need to plan it well, arrange sites for the activity, and recruit volunteers who are good sales people and can also wrap gifts quickly and well.
  • Contact the local malls and department stores to see if they will let you set up a gift wrapping booth or area. It should be in a high traffic area where shoppers will see you and get their newly purchased gifts wrapped on the spot.
  • Arrange space starting with the shopping period after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve. Schedule volunteers for weekdays as well as on weekends.
  • Recruit volunteers for this PTO fundraising idea. Be sure to emphasize the fun aspect of this fundraiser.
  • Recruit sponsors for your fundraiser who will donate the wrapping paper and ribbon. An office supply store could donate scotch tape and participate in this fundraiser.
  • You will have very little overhead on this fundraiser if you can get sponsors who will donate the wrapping paper and other items..

This is a good fundraiser in a small community where shopping is a limited. One Colorado 4-H group raised a respectable amount of money wrapping gifts at a local feed and tack store. In addition to alfalfa and chicken feed, these stores in rural areas also carry Western apparel, boots, tools, snow blowers, fencing and ranch supplies, and even small tractors. The kids wrapped a lot and earned a lot for their fundraiser. Remember, you do not have to hold this fundraising activity in a mall.

Selling Christmas Wrapping Paper

The usual profit margin on this type of fundraiser is 30% to 50% with good sales and it works well in a school setting. Parents are willing to support their child’s school and they recruit the support of other family members and friends.

  • Schedule your fundraising sale before Christmas because people will need the paper to wrap their gifts. If you are going to place orders for paper rather than selling it directly, you should start your sales campaign early so the orders can be delivered in plenty of time.
  • Request samples of wrapping paper before ordering so you can evaluate the quality.
  • Check the pricing and remember that your fundraising sale will be competing with discount stores like Walmart and Target.
  • Will you have to pay for your paper when it is ordered? If so plan to collect payment for orders when they are given – not when they are delivered.
  • Check the shipping charges as this may be an up front cost which will eat into your profits.

This is a popular holiday fundraiser so expect competition and plan your success with outstanding service and fair prices!


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