The Best iPhone Applications For Education

The iPhone is a wonderful mobile accessory, but it is often used more for entertainment than for some of the other more useful purposes for which it is designed. For instance, there are a number of Apps for education that are designed specifically for education. Students and even adults who wish to update their knowledge in a number of subjects can use these apps. Here are some of the best iPhone applications for education.


Redshift is a wonderful astronomy app with great reviews from users. It is an extremely immersive app that shows astronomy from a totally new perspective. Using the app, one can get a better understanding of the night sky. The application covers all the major and minor dwarf planets, stars and constellations and displays them in clear detail. It also displays regions close to our galaxy as a 3D model.

3D flybys and orbital views of planets and moons in the solar system is an absolutely fascinating feature of Redshift. It is also possible to travel to stars as far away as 3000 light years right from within the app. Smartphones with 3GS or higher can make use of the compass and position sensors to identify planets and stars in real-time, using the “Follow Sky” mode.

Users can learn more about the moon, many famous comets, huge asteroids, around 500 deep space objects and over 100,000 stars using Redshift. The app also provides direct links to Wikipedia for most of the celestial objects it covers. Students as well as people interested in astronomy would find a wealth of information in Redshift.

The Elements for iPhone 4

The Elements for iPhone 4 is an interactive eBook application that provides a deeper understanding of the fascinating elements that make up our world. It makes us see and comprehend the Periodic Table in a new light. It has crystal clear images of the various elements which respond to the touch by moving and rotating interactively.

Detailed information of the various elements is provided in an interesting and informative fashion. Embedded within the app is a computable knowledge engine called the Wolfram|Alpha, which provides updated reports of each element. For instance, the current price of gold in the market is provided when the user looks up the details on gold. Based on the hard cover book by Theodore Gray, and the application previously designed for the iPad, the Elements for the iPhone 4 is a truly delightful app for students of all ages.

iStudiez Pro

The iStudiez Pro is designed to help students schedule their academic activity in precise detail. It can help them keep track of their course, homework, assignment deadlines, lecture and lab schedules and a variety of important activities.

Apart from students, teachers and parents can also use this Apps with parent dashboard to schedule their activities to track the academic performance of their wards.

These and various other apps tremendously help students and adults involved in academic pursuits. These mobile apps happen to be some of the best iPhone applications for education.

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