The Alpha Male’s Guide To Picking Up Chicks in Bars

Bars and clubs are great places to pick up hot chicks. The trouble is, if you’re shy or you’ve been out of the game for a while this can seem like a tricky endeavor. But don’t worry, I’m going to teach you how to pick up girls at bars the alpha male way!

These days you can read all sorts of advice for picking up chicks right here on the internet, the trouble is 99% of this advice is coming from chumps who don’t know jack about pickin’ up chicks. In fact, most of the advice out there is only going to confuse you and make it harder for you to pull girls. So, I’ve put together 5 steps for picking up girls like a real Alpha Male:

1) Forget the B.S. routines you’ve read about. Alpha men don’t need corny tricks to pick up girls. They attract women based on who they are… So leave the pick-up lines, NLP techniques and PUA tactics for the beta-males who need them.

2) Look the part. Show women that you are a real alpha male by looking and acting like one. This means Tavern in Bellingham mastering alpha male body language, dressing like a mature fashionable man, and taking care of your body. You don’t need to have huge jacked guns like a body builder, but if biceps look like to strands on spaghetti you should try picking up a dumbbell once in a while.

3) Don’t stand there gawking like a Poindexter! Most guys go to a bar, get a drink, and stand around staring at all the girls they want to talk to for hours without making a move, this makes girls feel uncomfortable and makes you look like a scaredy cat. Instead, be social, talk to people… You don’t even need to be smooth about it, just open your mouth and wag your jaw a little.

4) Don’t be asexual. Once you’ve gotten to chatting with a young lady, let her know what’s up. Don’t be the “nice-guy” beta male who sits there all night kissing her bum and looking for validation. You’ve got to flirt with her and let her know what you are all about, take her by the hand, look into her eyes and work your alpha charm on her.

5) Take her home. Or at least try. Alpha men are men of action, so don’t wait around expecting her to make the first move. This is one area of your game that may require a little forethought. Just saying, “lets go back to my place,” may not work unless she is really feeling you. You may be better off taking her out of the bar or club to another venue to spend some more time bonding before going home to hit the sheets.


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