Love Music, But Got Thin Pockets? How to Find an Apple iPod Cheap!

Would you like to get your Apple iPod cheap? How about a free iPod? It’s possible and it’s simple, if only you know where to look!

When you begin your search for sell my ipod touch 5th generation, start with the internet. There are a ton of great sites out there that package and sell iPods for a fraction of the factory cost. These sites are called Resellers, and the way they work is simple: They buy iPods from the factory in bulk, wrap them in their own packaging with or without accessories, and sell them to you for a fraction of what you would pay at the factory store. They can do this because buying in bulk brought their prices down, and they are passing the savings on to you.

Another good option is a refurbished iPod. Even the Apple store has a stock of refurbished iPods ready for sale. These are iPods that were returned to the factory for some reason, and the problem with them was quickly fixed – but the customers had already received a refund or a replacement.

Once the problem is fixed, the iPod is good as new, and ready to be sold again. But since it is not new, it can’t be sold at the same price as the new ones. You’ve just stumbled upon a great deal! When you buy a refurbished model, you’re getting the iPod that was fixed by the factory that made it, and you’re also getting a full warranty.

Can’t find an Apple iPod cheap enough? Try searching for iPod auctions. Online auctions offer everything from gently used iPods to iPods that have been damaged, sometimes severely. Even damaged iPods sell, often to those who don’t mind not having an LCD screen or won’t miss a certain function that no longer works. Sometimes people will purchase damaged iPods to replace parts in their old ones.

But the usual suspects at online auctions are those iPods that still work perfectly, but aren’t needed anymore. The person selling them usually has a newer model, and no longer wants the older one. Why not sell it? By purchasing from an iPod auction, you might be able to find an iPod that has been used only a few times, or not even used at all! Look around at the different auctions and take your time in finding one that is right for you.

One caveat about auctions, though: Don’t get taken on the shipping charges! Watch out for the high shipping that can eat away at the money you’ve saved on the purchase.

Does getting an iPod for free sound too good to be true? Actually, you can get a free iPod. Though places where you can find free iPods are few and far between, they are out there. Often record labels will run promotions and give away albums that are already downloaded onto iPods. Not only do you get that artist’s new music, you also get an iPod for free! These are usually iPod shuffles or older models of iPods, something that won’t break the bank on a giveaway, but they are always brand-new – with the exception of the downloaded album already on them, of course.

When you want an Apple iPod cheap, that’s the best way to go!


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