Innovative Use of Office Partitions

In larger office buildings there are not only likely to be larger individual areas of office space but there may also be corridors and smaller individual offices built into the larger office structure. There may also be a variety of office partitioning, some of which may be an example of older designs e.g. just corridors and smaller rooms which look their age. Modern use of partitioning in office buildings has the advantage of many innovative new materials and techniques in the manufacture of those materials, and in the planning and installation of the office partitions which incorporate them.

Innovative Uses

In most offices there is obviously a limitation on the amount of actual space, but some offices have a relatively small area to work with. This often requires the innovative and imaginative use of that space to make the most of it towards the day-to-day running and the aims of the business. For example some areas in an office could have a different use at different times with sliding or folding partition. Using this method, some privacy and insulation from the main office area can be achieved as and when it is needed without permanently needing to reduce the overall main office space.

Creating individual office areas within the main office structure is not new, but new materials, technologies and techniques mean that you can now create offices or conference rooms with walls made entirely from toughened safety glass.¬†Glass office partitions¬†use tracks or fames which are fitted to the ceiling and floor, into which are slotted the correctly sized and shaped glass panels. The tracks / frames can be made from aluminium which can be coloured to exactly match any RAL of BS colour of your choice. To give cleaner finish, clear silicone can be used between glass panel joints, and frameless glass doors can be fitted to the structure. Having solid glass offices can retain a real feeling of space in the workplace, can allow the passage of more (natural) light into the main part of the offices, and it can be very convenient and helpful for staff to be able to see what’s happening in the offices during the course of the day, and whether a person they may be wanting to speak to is free. As such, these office partitions essentially have a positive effect on the communication aspects of an organisation.

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