How To Create A Blog That Is More Interesting

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A blog’s overall look can make or break its popularity. It’s just normal for readers to be drawn to appealing blogs, that’s why bloggers should step back and evaluate how their blogs look like from a visitor’s point of view.

It’s vital that your blog is attractive when readers look at it because they always anticipate for immediate enjoyment. A blog visitor may not spend another second on your blog if he finds it unappealing. If you desire to smarten up your blog, it’s better to redecorate it. Here are tips on how to beautify your blog:

Make use of alignment. It is often heard from designers when they illustrate the appearance of a dress or a bedroom facet. The designs are simple. Making use of alignment on a blog should be applied to all text and images and it must also have an even size. Borders between blog elements should be clearly visible and clutter kept to a minimum. A simple design is not difficult to look at so better reduce the unnecessary stuff especially in small areas.

Modify your template. It takes time to find the proper template to be used on your blog. Every blogger has their personal wants and fondness. Although you discovered the perfect one, using your own creativity is still the best choice. You don’t want your readers to think your blog is just another run-of-the-mill type. A personalized template shows your creativeness and far too different from the rest.

Dark text on light background.This has been seen in all tests and surveys conducted over and over again. Many online visitors choose to read bold font wordings on light backdrop than it’s opposite which is light colored wordings on dark backdrop. It won’t strain the eye that much. If you still desire to make use of a dark backdrop, choose a partly solid light-colored layer for the wordings.

Adjust font size. You may have a perfect vision but your readers might not have that kind of eyesight. Some users have a hard time reading small text and elaborate fonts. Those are possible reasons for them to stay away from your blog. To avoid that, use standard fonts and set your general font size to medium (size 12-14); titles, larger.

Minimize your advertisement. Advertisements are beneficial to bloggers, but these should not be the ‘main event’ of the blog. Several blogs include many ads that you wouldn’t be able to see the valid content of it. Only accept advertisements that are relevant to what your blog is about. These ads may bring in income, but too much of it can turn off readers since it would look like the blogger is only concerned about the money and not his followers.

Stand out by using an image border. Visualize a wall with photographs that doesn’t have frames on the side. Not so appealing, right? Image borders will serve as your frame to draw attention to the totality of your blog. It will standardize the look of the entire blog site.

Paying a quick visit to your own blog is like looking at yourself in a mirror. Do you find it appealing at first glance? The saying “Don’t judge a book (your blog) by its cover” is not always applicable to all things particularly in blogging. Therefore, It would be best to follow the steps mentioned above to produce a fascinating blog.

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