How Super Affiliates Profit Like Crazy Using “Questions & Answers” Websites

You may have heard of ‘questions and answers’ websites. The way these websites work is that people post their most burning questions about virtually any topic out there, and people reply to them with their answers. The posts are all kept ‘in storage’, so to speak, so anyone who does a search using the website’s search button can find these answers readily at any time.

The two foremost Q&A websites are Yahoo Answers and google certified educator exam answers. Unfortunately, Google Answers is no longer operating, although you can still search through its archives.

For Yahoo Answers, which is still very much in full swing, if you get the best answer for any question, your answer will stand out among the rest, giving you more exposure.

The way super affiliates use these websites is that they find questions relevant to their niche, and post useful answers to them, at the same time directing users to their links. Note that you do not want to spam the website, because you could get banned. Provide useful answers and add in your link in a subtle manner, and you’ll stay clear of any unwanted moderators finding something wrong.

Answer questions with lots of detail. This usually gets people’s attention and you’ll have a greater chance of being voted as the ‘best answer’.

As you can see, this a totally free way that affiliates have tapped on to increase their commissions. All it takes is a little effort and time each day! If you are not using this method, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. So go post your answers now!

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