Headset Market Soaring High

The headset market is evolving rapidly. Traditionally, headsets were used almost exclusively in contact centres handling large call volumes. But as technology advances and becomes more interactive, headset manufacturers have had to realign their businesses to keep up. This is great news for dealers, opening up huge potential for selling to a new kind of end user.

In the last few years, headset manufacturers have begun developing products aimed at non-call centre environments. We’ve only just scraped the surface in the UK in terms of headset use. Companies that would never have considered using headsets in the past are realising the benefits they can bring. Many businesses will have an accounts department, a customer services department, or a technical support department, where operatives spend a lot of the day on the phone. In all these situations, and many more, there’s a place for headsets. Headsets give freedom of movement, allow people to multi-task, and alleviate the neck strain of trying to use a handset while typing. In fact, research proves that not only are headsets good for your health, but they boost business productivity as well. Independent studies have shown that employees using custom vr headsets are 20 – 40 per cent more productive than those not using headsets, their work is more accurate, and they show lower stress and fatigue levels.

Some of the fastest growing product lines include wireless headsets, headsets for specialist applications such as PC gaming, and multi-use headsets, such as a mobile office headset which will work with your mobile and your desk phone when you get back to your office. Multi-use headsets integrate seamlessly with different applications, making them perfect for someone like a surveyor, or a salesperson who spends a lot of time on the road.

There are also technologies like voice over IP and Skype to consider. Internet chat has opened up a whole new area that savvy headset manufacturers are tapping into. In fact, Microsoft has just launched an exciting new product called Office Communicator. It is a voice over IP and video conferencing-compatible instant messaging service targeted at corporate clients, for which headset manufacturers will be keen to produce compatible products.

The more markets you can get into, the more potential customers you have.

With manufacturers reinventing themselves, there are more and more opportunities for us, as suppliers, to sell to a wider audience.

Understanding your customers and their needs is at the root of maximizing revenue from headset sales. While wireless might be perfect for the busy call center manager who needs to be mobile, walking the floor and monitoring their team, the operatives themselves may be better off with corded headsets which encourage them to stay where they are most needed – at their desks, taking calls.

In the past, telephony dealers have perhaps shied away from selling headsets, thinking them too much hassle; because of uncertainty over their compatibility, for instance, or how to install them. Coupled with the fact that they were traditionally viewed as a low value, low profit product, it’s unsurprising that dealers have been reluctant to get behind headsets. But slowly this negative perception is changing. Most headsets are incredibly simple to use, they’re very much a plug-and-play item. And while as single items they might not be huge profit generators, as an add-on sale they can bring considerable value.


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