Digital Marketing Overview and Statistics

Digital Marketing is definitely not advertising. While you think of marketing your product you have to pick a method of your choice to promote and market your brand. One of these options is digital marketing. It’s all about promoting your brands online, making people aware of your brand and using various channels on internet to build your strong customer base. Various components which a digital marketing program may carry are website, search engine marketing, pay per click, email marketing, banner advertisements, social media marketing, webinars, e-newsletters etc.

Digital marketing takes advantage of digital medium to create a unified, focused and measurable communications methodology which can help companies in getting their right audience. Using an integrated approach to digital marketing provides a better response rate and building iterative relationships.

Digital strategy and campaigns can push forward brands in the consciousness of their audience and lead to a lasting adoption and loyalty towards brands. Moreover, digital medium allows the model to change from being a monologue to a dialogue for audience.

A digital marketing company promotes products using account based marketing distribution channels reach customers in a timely and cost effective manner. These channels are varied such as internet, mobile, digital outdoors, and other forms of interactive digital media.

This type of marketing uses both push and pull methodologies to access customers. Therefore a right mix has to be decided for both of these. Pull strategy off course is considered to be more engaging and effective as with this strategy users seek for information and information is not forced onto him. Some examples of pull media are websites, blogs, social media sites, audio and video. The digital marketing strategy largely involves high visibility of brand so that the customers may actively seek information related to the brand.

On the other hand push this marketing involves active engagement of a target market through email marketing, sending out marketing collaterals, mobile SMS etc. This strategy is primarily focused on brand promotion and does not seek user’s permission to send out the marketing message. These strategies are being used more and more by marketers so as to continuously keep customers engaged.

So, digital marketing is the next big step you should take for your organization. Take a snapshot of interesting statistics on internet and ecommerce trends. This will give you a brief on how big internet has grown these days and how important it is for every business to leverage this platform. Report taken from trusted sources like Wikipedia, Economic Times etc.


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