Bose iPod Docking Station Reviews – What Do Buyers Really Think of the Bose SoundDock Series II

Make no doubt about it, finding the right Bose iPod docking station reviews is very important prior to making such a large investment. Let’s start with the basics, Bose has been making iPod dock ever since iPods became popular. And we all know that Bose is one of the best makers of home entertainment theater speakers on the market. However, the one potential drawback that a Bose system possesses, has to be price. A low-end Bose system starts at $225 but a consumer can easily spend upwards of 600 for a top-of-the-line bose trade in program system.

So the best thing to do, is to go straight to the source, let’s look at some of the reviews that buyers have given the Bose SoundDock Series II iPod dock. By looking on you see that there are 77 different iPod docking station reviews that have been put up for the SoundDock digital music system for iPod. Let’s take a peek at some of the highlights as well as the low lights that owners contribute to a Bose speaker system.

First of all the breakdown, out of the 77 different reviews 44 of them were five-star ratings, 17 were four-star ratings, 5 were three-star ratings, 5 were two-star ratings, and 6 were one-star ratings. And I should also mention that overall the Bose speaker system is rated 4/5 stars.

Pros- Let’s start by looking at four-star ratings or better

We started in by pulling up what viewed as some of the most helpful ratings. But first rating 140/146 people found helpful, It was a five-star rating and the writer went on to state. They felt that many experts had bash the Bose system for being an overpriced and underpowered system but had unfairly compared the Bose iPod docking system to higher-quality home entertainment speaker systems that had two detached and separately wired speakers. The writer then goes on to describe the exquisite sound quality put out by the Bose as “…warm and beautiful with a deep enough base to make the sound come alive but not wake the neighbors”. They went on to complement Bose on how crisp the sound was even at higher volumes and stated that they never heard distortion while listening to their Bose SoundDock Series II digital music system.

Cons- Let’s now look at a two star rated review that was selected by Amazon as being most helpful.

This reviewer starts in with a complement also agreeing that the sound quality is very good, especially for the cost of the unit. Their major issue came into play when they realized that the remote didn’t correspond appropriately with her iPod. They weren’t able to navigate the menus within the iPod as they should have been. After returning the initial unit believing it was defective and then realizing that they had the same problem with the second unit they then described it as a “… major flaw in an otherwise good product.”


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